Internet Communication Is Bypassing Religious Leaders While Exposing the Truth

God is not the man on the cross and nor is it in some distant place where it can’t hear or see what goes on in the world. Some expect that it is the devil or something else that gives one disease or takes their life. They have never read or understood these words from Isaiah 45:4-8 that state clearly that God is one and there in no one else. It also notes that it creates light and makes darkness. It makes peace and creates evil. It alone does all these things, according to God’s word.

The burial of these words happened with the New Testament put up by Jerome after Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. The aim was to bury the truth so that the word of the emperor would be the only thing people could hear. It worked as the decrees signed by him shows that all who did not fall into his line and who disobeyed his orders were murdered.

In today’s world we have instant communication with one another. We can speak to anyone anywhere in an instant and this is a great miracle. But there is a reason for it aside from making things easy for us to transmit messages. The Spirit of God is uncovering the roots of religious fraud and it has built the mountain of the Internet which has risen above all restraints and is without interference by critiques or religious tainted authorities and publishers.

The Spirit has used man to design a system whereby God can speak to the world. It is called Mt. Zion in Micah 4:1 and through it all truths are exposed.

The Mountain of God is the Internet and through it all things are exposed and the fraud of religion is uncovered. We are all back for the last days and the truth is flowing as promised.

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