Some Flying Tips and Facts You May Not Be Familiar With

Budget Traveling Costs

In the past, all airlines served food regardless of the price of your ticket. Gone are those days. The saying “you get what you pay for” applies to budget travel. Cheaper tickets mean the following:

  • More limitations when it comes to changing tickets and schedules
  • Additional fees for many bags
  • Less amenities on board, such as free headphones
  • Meals and drinks come with a price
  • Little mileage accrual
  • Limited entertainment during flight


There are airlines that offer e-ticketing and others that let you check in with a Smartphone app. As an advice, use both whenever possible. For more convenience, use the phone, but print out your e-ticket as well – if ever phone scanners fail to work (as experienced by some travelers).

Carry-On Only Travel

Go for carry-on only travel to avoid baggage fees, lost luggage and long waiting times. It is best to pack light, bring your essentials and be aware of the security restrictions.

Online Check-in

Majority of airlines permit you to do an online check-in a day prior to your scheduled flight. This gives an advantage of getting better seats, since the restricted seats become available to use.

Choosing a Seat

People who travel have different choices of seats, with some preferring to stay near the aisle or window for understandable reasons, but the plane seats have slight differences.

  • Usually, seats located before or at exit rows do not recline.
  • Seats surrounding the toilets have a peculiar smell.
  • Depending on the design of a plane, some seats have either less or more leg room.

Nervous Flyers

Pilots wonder why a lot of people fear turbulence. Nervous people should know that turbulence does not cause a plane to crash, wings to just fall off or engines to stop functioning by chance. Airplanes are designed to endure the strike of a lightning, so there is no need to worry when lightning strikes.

If you want a smooth ride, choose to sit over the wing. Since the plane is similar to a seesaw, when you are in the middle it tends to move less. If you feel nervous when flying, get a morning flight. During the latter part of the afternoon, the heating of the ground causes bumpy air and, this is usually the time when thunderstorms take place.

Multiple Airports

A lot of travel spots let you look for several airports across a particular city. As an example, when you are travelling to San Francisco, you can check the Oakland International Airport (OAK) as well as the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). You can choose between the two airports to get cheaper tickets or better flying schedules.

Domestic or International Flights

More often than not, domestic flights cost less than international flights, even with the same distance of travel. As an option, you can fly to a city near the border, then travel by land across. For instance, when you want to visit Montreal, you can fly to Syracuse, New York, then drive across the border.

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